McLaren 540c/570s/570gt 2018 ECU Tune

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

Horse Power

570 HP
DME Tuned
725 HP


443 TQ
DME Tuned
650 TQ



You made it this far you speed devil, you. Let’s get you tuned up.


Stage 2 -- catless downpipes 

Stage 3 -- turbo charger upgrades + minimally 93 octane/98 RON

Bench Flash

Requires ECU to be mailed in.

  • This upgrade requires you to send us your ECU for re-programming. You will be emailed a download link with detailed instructions after adding this to your cart and checking out.

  • You must fill out and include a copy of the ECU Information form along with your ECU upon sending it in. Please contact us if you need to send the form in any other manner.

  • DME Tuning saves your stock/factory ECU settings so that you can revert your vehicle back to stock settings at any time.

Shipping Details

Shipping costs for sending an ECU to and from DME Tuning is the responsibility of the purchaser. You will be charged return shipping at checkout.  The ECU will be tuned the same day it is received and DME Tuning will then ship back the ECU using whatever method it was shipped in with.  (For example: If you send in your ECU via Ground shipping, we will ship it back via Ground.  If you ship it via Overnight, we will ship it back via Overnight.)

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