Motorsport has come to a great distance in a very short amount of time. One of the rapidly evolving components is the Engine Control Unit (ECU). Modern ECU’s contain new powerful processors. As a car is modified from its stock form, the benefit from remapping becomes increasingly important and more impactful. DME Tuning technology has delivered better ECU calibrations than any of our competitors, and our results speak for themselves.


Sometimes we run into engine computers that carry an extra layer of encryption. These are the instances where the ECU must be removed from the vehicle in order to enable flashing capabilities. After purchasing your DME Bench Tune, we will require the vehicle to be present at a DME Tuning location, or your ECU to be mailed in to our offices. Once received, the ECU is put into boot mode so it can then be programmed with our own proprietary performance calibrations. ECU’s are processed and turned around within 24-business hours from the time they are received.


The fastest and easiest way to buy a tune, and hit the road. Most vehicles can be tuned through the vehicle's On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port. After purchase, a DME Tuning cable will be shipped to you, along with detailed instructions.