Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

Horse Power

431 HP
DME Tuned
540 HP


406 TQ
DME Tuned
540 TQ


You made it this far you speed devil, you. Let’s get you tuned up.

DME Tuning OBD tunes allow customers to simply plug and upgrade their ECU. We are providing the best tuning services for your vehicle which are including with different stages set-ups with more horsepower and torque while lowering fuel consumption. 

Besides saving on fuel, the vehicle is much more agile when it comes to acceleration and performance. Overtaking cars on the highway does not require a downshift anymore. 


For Stage 2 -- Add On catless downpipes

For Stage 3 -- Add On turbocharger upgrades + minimally 93 octane/98 RON

Shipping costs for sending an ECU to and from DME Tuning is the responsibility of the purchaser. You will be charged return shipping at checkout. The ECU will be tuned the same day it is received and DME Tuning will then ship back the ECU using whatever method it was shipped in with. (For example: If you send in your ECU via Ground shipping, we will ship it back via Ground. If you ship it via Overnight, we will ship it back via Overnight.) For OBD Tunes, we simply ship you our DME cable along with the detailed instructions required for your tune. 

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