Worlds Fastest X5M DME TUNING

He wanted the fastest X5M in the world

This is THE X5M to know
Steve brought us his SUV and made one thing clear
"I want the fastest X5M in the world"
I think he came to the right place...
Full Akrapovic Exhaust
Catless Downpipes
First of its kind custom built chargepipes with meth nozzels
Full meth setup with hidden pump and tank in the trunk
Pure stage 2 turbos
DME Tuning Stage 3 Tune (back end)
Fully Built Transmission
Rebuilt High Hp rear axles by DSS
KW V3 Suspension
HRE 21' S204
While Steven didn't care for carbon fiber bits and pieces, he made it clear with what wheels he chose that form still played a role in his build. We knew from the beginning that Meth injection was a must for this SUV. The problem we ran into was that there were no reliable and safe solutions to running it properly. I think we solved it with a one of a kind charge pipe solution for the X5/X6M.One of the beautiful things about a powerful SUV is its multi-duty use. Being able to haul kids, fold the seats down and lay some wood down in the back, sleek design to bring a few friends out to dinner in etc.. To keep that multi function we decided to make put the meth tank in a lovely spot hidden in the trunk.Having the chance to drive this SUV it really gave me a feeling i hadn't experienced before. Think Full bolt on GTR type body effect in a 5,300 lb truck. It really is a whole new body experience. This truck absolutely RIPS! As far as we know, this is a world record X5/6 M. 

Up next we will be doing Intake and a little more tuning to hopefully hit 800WHP!
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