A 8.9 second car, Worlds fastest 720s DME Tuned

A 8.9 second car, Worlds fastest 720s DME Tuned

It's interesting to see that the current 1/4-mile record is a battle between a 720S with custom turbos and one that packs the factory units.

Earlier this week, we showcased the latter setting a new 1,320 feet record, with the Woking animal playing the game in 9.218s and delivering a trap speed of 154.14 mph.

Well, that record has fallen, having been grabbed by a Macca that features a Pure Turbo upgrade. The toy hit the Palm Beach International Raceway, managing to pull a 9.158s run, with a trap speed of 155.56s mph.

We've talked about this example of the McLaren 720S before and that's because it grabbed the 1/2-mile record, following a run that saw it climbing all the way to 189 mph.

"So, what had been done to the engine?" we hear you asking. Well, the unit comes with the said custom turbos, a full custom exhaust that features a dedicated setup, as well as a tune to keep everything in check.

Following a trip to the dyno, the owner found out that the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 now delivers 943 ponies to the rear wheels, which means its crankshaft output sits at well over a thousand horses.

And we expect that 8s quarter-mile run to land soon - we're keeping an eye out for such adventures and we'll bring them to you as soon as we get our hands on them.

Those of you who happen to be in a hurry can check out the record-setting quarter-mile run in the Instagram video below, which also includes the timeslip.

However, we've added a second clip below, which delivers a more complete take on the adventure, in-car view and all. Oh, and did we mention the 2s 0-60 mph time?
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